The Longest Chapter of the Bible, Part 2

Unpack the last four of the eight Hebrew terms used in Psalms 119 to showcase the beauty, the breadth, and the benefits of the Holy Scriptures: 5. CHOQ (“statutes”) in verse 5: royal decrees enacted by God who is King of the universe. 6. MITSVAH (“commandments”) in verse 6: orders given by God, the Commander, to be carried out. 7. MISHPAT (“judgments” in verse 7, “ordinances” in verse 91): verdicts and sentences handed down by God as the supreme Judge. 8. DABAR (“word”) in verse 9: the record of what God has revealed, spoken and done. Pray & Say: LORD, I will devote daily time to exploring how beautiful, how broad, how beneficial Your Holy Book really is.

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