Mission Liberia

Mission Liberia is a Great Commission outreach of Church For All that promotes short-term mission trips for long-term impact, starting in the West African country of Liberia. Our mission assignment in Liberia is to promote biblical belief and behavior by partnering with like-minded churches and Christian leaders. We also plan to support Bible-centered schools and sponsor impoverished students. We will seek to reach youths through sports, and will utilize various media to highlight the need for INTEGRITY as the lasting antidote to CORRUPTION, the crippling moral disease that has spread like a virus throughout every sector and institution of Liberian society. Through Mission Liberia we shall drive home the message of God’s Kingdom, which has RIGHTEOUSNESS or integrity as the key character trait of God’s Kingdom culture (Matthew 6:33).

In summary, Mission Liberia functions in three tiers:

  1. Organize short-term mission trips for long-term Kingdom impact through biblical instruction of Christian leaders, poverty relief projects, and charitable services.
  2. Confront the evil of tribalism by establishing and empowering churches with Church For All’s vision of ONE HUMAN RACE.
  3. Spread the message of integrity, especially among young Liberians through education and sports to counter the culture of corruption.
Mission Liberia logo
Mission Liberia logo