Genesis Men

Discover the blueprint for manhood according to the Creator, the God of the Bible. Click on a discussion guide below to explore. The discussion guides are listed in numerical order. Leave a comment if you like. If you are a man who agrees with what you find, feel free to start and lead a Genesis Men discussion group in your home, community or church. If you do, plan for your group to take a break whenever you complete a Unit of Study. If you need help or have any questions about the Genesis Men Bible teaching program, email

Unit One: The Basics of Manhood

1_Manhood Crisis

2_The Father Factor

3_Man as Spiritual Leader

4_Becoming a Spiritual Leader

5_Man’s Original Identity

Unit Two: The Prepared Man

6_The Prepared Man: Overview

7_The Prepared Man: Worship

8_The Prepared Man: Wealth, Part 1

9_The Prepared Man: Wealth, Part 2

10_The Prepared Man: Wealth, Part 3

Sample Budget – Use with #10 above.