About CFA

We believe the Creator made one human race to glorify Him by extending His kingdom on earth through godly people (Genesis 1:1,26-29; 2:7-25; Psalms 115:16; Acts 17:24-28; Matthew 4:17; 6:33).

Vision & Mission Statement

Church For All exists to spread the Good News of God’s Kingdom, as we establish Bible-based churches that embrace all members of the human race through Jesus Christ.

Friendly Welcome. Fervent Worship. Fresh Word

We offer you a warm, friendly people, where worship is Spirit-filled, and God’s Word is presented in a plain, practical way for everyday living.

Connect for Spiritual Renewal

Take the first step on the journey to your spiritual renewal & development.  Become part of a Connect Group at 9:30am on Sunday. Then enter the Worship Center to experience the CFA difference, and dive into serving the King by helping people live for God.