Bible as Manual for Living

Is there a reliable, practical guide for fruitful, successful living? Yes! “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalms 119:105). Dr. Jack Hayford comments, “We are all inexperienced in too much of life to be without a guide. God’s word is that guide… God’s word lights the way, giving direction for each step (‘to my feet’) and giving wisdom for long-range plans (‘to my path’).” LORD, let Your word teach and lead me. May it correct or confirm me in every key decision I make, so that I can do Your will.”

The Longest Chapter of the Bible, Part 2

Unpack the last four of the eight Hebrew terms used in Psalms 119 to showcase the beauty, the breadth, and the benefits of the Holy Scriptures: 5. CHOQ (“statutes”) in verse 5: royal decrees enacted by God who is King of the universe. 6. MITSVAH (“commandments”) in verse 6: orders given by God, the Commander, to be carried out. 7. MISHPAT (“judgments” in verse 7, “ordinances” in verse 91): verdicts and sentences handed down by God as the supreme Judge. 8. DABAR (“word”) in verse 9: the record of what God has revealed, spoken and done. Pray & Say: LORD, I will devote daily time to exploring how beautiful, how broad, how beneficial Your Holy Book really is.

The Longest Chapter of the Bible, Part 1

Is it not by divine design that the longest chapter in the Bible is about the Bible? Eight different Hebrew terms are used repeatedly in Psalms 119 to underscore the beauty, power and benefits of the Holy Book. The first four of the Hebrew terms are: 1) DEREK (“way”) in verse 1: God’s course of life. 2) TORAH (“law”) in verse 1: direction or instruction that teaches the truth about God; God-given guidelines for life and living. 3) EDAH (“testimonies”) in verse 2: records that bear witness to the true God. 4) PIQQUD (“precepts”) in verse 4: mandates authorized by God. Pray & Say: LORD, this year, may the Bible be my daily life manual.

The Real Source of America’s Constitution

August 14, 2017

The founders of America used the Bible as their inspirational guide to write the constitution and set up a government for a free nation. For example, the three branches of government are derived from three functions of God as stated in Isaiah 33:22, “For the LORD is our Judge (judiciary branch), The LORD is our Lawgiver (legislature), The LORD is our King (executive)…” Yet America has officially divorced the very book that birthed it. LORD, may more Americans remember their biblical roots and live by Your Book if this free republic is to continue for long.